Te Waotu School: Growing great learners and embracing our community

Tēnā koutou katoa, ‘talofa, talitali fiefia, 접대, bula, 欢迎

A very special welcome to parents and children from all of us who are part of the Te Waotu School community.

Te Waotu School is a unique school built on a long history, rural outlook, strong community support and a tradition of producing well rounded individuals who leave well equipped for the next stage of their schooling.

Our Board of Trustees and dedicated staff work hard to provide high quality learning for every child who attends our school.  We are very proud of our school facilities and running alongside this, our green-gold enviroschool status.

We are a school with a growth mindset and are constantly seeking to improve the way we do things to ensure better learning outcomes for students.  We believe in fostering great connections between home and the school and have a range of community orientated events throughout the year such as calf club day, pumpkin day, and quiz night.

Parents are encouraged to keep regular contact with their child’s classroom teacher around learning or other matters of importance.  This can be done in person or via email.  Many queries or concerns can easily be resolved at this level however if you have concerns or comments you do not feel you can approach the class teacher with then please contact me.

We cater for students up to Year 8 and over recent years have had a school roll that lies somewhere between 120-130 students, and employing 6 teachers.  Our school roll includes students of NZ European, Maori, British/Irish, Cook Island Maori, Filipino and Indian ethnicities.

Things we value about our school include:

*  Interesting programmes of learning that cover all essential learning areas but maintain a strong emphasis on the basics of numeracy and literacy.

* The integration of ICT to support student learning.  We have a range of IT tools available to students and implement a BYOD policy.

*  Seamless education from Year 1 to 8 in a Full Primary environment.

*  High expectations of children's in-class and playground behaviour resulting in a friendly atmosphere where children are readily accepted, supported and involved.

*  Excellent parent and community involvement.

*  Positive, learning focussed relationships between children and staff.

*  Our unique local environment and the enviroschool status.

Ryves Hunt

Principal, Te Waotu School