Maungatautari mountain sanctuary

Room 1 has recently visited this taonga in our district. We learned a lot about kiwi, tuatara, weta, native birds and all their predators. We know now why there is a huge fence around Maungatautari. It is so all our native animals and trees will survive. Thank you to all the parents who came along and to Tom, our mountain guide!

Barnett Bush

At last! We have finally got our tracking stations into the bush. The class have spent a lot of time and effort designing and trialling different designs of stations to see which type were more manageable and effective.  We have ended up using 2 litre milk bottles and some drain pipes.

The stations have been placed in the bush for a few weeks for the wildlife to adapt to them, then we will put some tracking sheets in and collect them in two days later to analyse and form conclusions to  report to the Barnett Bush committee.  Real authentic learning!

Hut building!

Hey kids...if you're into hut building, then a new lot of timber is waiting for you in our hut building area.  Just check with your teachers how high you can go!

Happy building! 

Room 1 Term 4

Kia Ora everyone and welcome to all the new entrants starting this term! Welcome to Fergus, Hayley and Cooper and shortly also welcome to Logan, Brylie and Sarayah. Later in the term Olivia, Max, Russyl, Noah and Millie will be visiting us.

We have planned an exciting programme for the juniors with lots of learning about Living Things around us. That means we will be exploring our school grounds to look for little creatures and invite them to our classroom for a day!

Room 5, Term 3 Class update

We have started another exciting term with 8 children moving up from room 4.  After losing 4 children on the 1st June, we were down to 16 children so now have a healthy role of 24 children.

We have lots of exciting things happening again this term.  We have started our study of volcanoes.  Photos of our playdough models of the earth can be seen in the gallery.

Next week we are off on a trip to Rotorua to learn more about the volcanic eruption that destroyed the Pink and White Terraces.

Room 7 Update

We have started Term 3 with a hiss and a roar, so many exciting things to learn about.

In class at the moment we are investigating animal tracking stations - how to make, how many and how to read the tracks. These will eventually be setup in Barnett Bush to see how effective the baiting round is.

We are learning Spanish and about the countries where it is used.

The class will continue to attend Putaruru College for technology every Friday for the next six weeks, where they are learning cooking and woodwork skills.

Room 1. Term 3

We have started Term 3 with a 'new' class, as many of the Room 1 children have gone on to Room 2 to make room for new children coming to our school. We will miss all our friends in class, but we can still play with them at play and lunch times!

This term we are learning about our favourite toys. We will be studying moving parts and the material they are made of. We are developing a series of questions about toys that our parents and grandparents used to play with. Children will be taking these home to ask family members.

Senior Camp

We are off to Auckland next week for an exciting week in the big city!

With the tremendous effort from the students to fundraise, as well as the School Support Group donation, this camp has been made affordable to all.

We will be visiting  Sky Tower, Auckland Zoo, Rangitoto Island, Kelly Tarlton's and many more places for a variety of experiences.

I am sure the students will arrive back on Friday extremely tired but bubbling with lots of interesting and exciting stories to tell.

A huge thanks for all the parent support.

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