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Room 5, Term 3 Class update

We have started another exciting term with 8 children moving up from room 4.  After losing 4 children on the 1st June, we were down to 16 children so now have a healthy role of 24 children.

We have lots of exciting things happening again this term.  We have started our study of volcanoes.  Photos of our playdough models of the earth can be seen in the gallery.

Next week we are off on a trip to Rotorua to learn more about the volcanic eruption that destroyed the Pink and White Terraces.

Room 5 - Plans for Term 1

We have an exciting term planned ahead with lots of new learning and opportunities.  Our topic this term is going to focus on how New Zealand has changed over time, which I hope will lead us to look into early settler life and colonisation.  If you have any historical information about your family’s arrival in NZ, it would be great to hear about it.  I plan to take the children on a trip to the Heritage Village at Mystery Creek.  We will also have our Year 4 Camp – hopefully at Barnett’s Bush but this will depend on weather.  Thes

Toys in Term 4, Room 4

This term our inquiry has been focused on toys. Here are some of the things we have been learning:

  • There are many more toys now than when our parents were growing up, and a lot more electronic toys.
  • We researched different toys to find out when they were invented  and where.
  • We have been having a go at making our own toys.


Making Bread in Room 4

As part of our science inquiry, we made our own bread today.  MMMmmmm!  It was delicious and lots of fun to make.  We were interested in the way the yeast reacted to the warm water and sugar and then how the dough doubled in size over lunch time!  Many of the children requested the recipe so it is below.  Many thanks to Alison Holst.

3 tsp of yeast

2 tspn sugar

1 1/2 cups lukewarm water

2 Tbsp olive or canola oil

3 Tbsp non-fat milk powder

1 1/2 tsp salt

Term 3 in Room 4

Once again, it has been a very busy term in Room 4.  We have been conducting lots of scientific investigations, using common ingredients from the kitchen.  We have found out why popcorn pops, how some things dissolve and how you can sometimes reverse the process and how vinegar and baking soda creates a gas.  We will be soon making some bread and then choosing an experiment to conduct with a buddy.

It's been all about space!

What an amazing term we have had!  There has been so much enthusiasm about our space topic and huge leaps in learning.

Term 1 2014

What a great start we have had to 2014.  The children are quickly settling to their new class and new routines.

This term our inquiry focus is "What is my place in the world?"  We will be exploring stories about ourselves and our families and finding more out about our community, the country and the world!  We have been working on some self portraits and they look fantastic.

Room 4 Trip

What a great day we had visiting the Mystery Creek Heritage Village and museum.

Here is some of what Emily had to say about it.....

Room 4, End of term 3!

Wow!  How the last 9 weeks have flown by.  We have been busy with lots of learning. 

We been trying to make our writing interesting, including detail and using some interesting, descriptive words.  Check out some of the pictures of our storm art and descriptions in the gallery.

We have continued to learn about electricity.  So far our inquiry has focussed on how electricity works.  We have been making circuits and switches.  Next term we will look more at how to save electricity at school.

Emily's Fairy Story

Once upon a time, there lived an old,crazy scientist.  He lived in a small cottage with a good view of snowy mountains and the sunset.

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