may, 2019



Event Details

The Targa Rally is proceeding however the route has been altered and will now only impact residents on Darby Road and Lake Arapuni Road. The stage will finish just before the Lake Arapuni and Huihuitaha Road intersection.
This alteration will allow Bus 1 and Bus 2 to proceed as normal once the school day has finished. I have been told that Lake Arapuni Road should be open by the time that Bus 2 arrives to travel this section. In order to ensure that the bus can get through without any delays, we may arrange for it to leave a little later on the day. We will finalise this organisation via a letter closer to the time.
Some things to be aware of, that I have interpreted from information received from URG:

Accidents during the rally could affect their ability to open the roads in time to allow the bus to pass through or for the road to be open for public use at the specified times.
In the case of an emergency at school URG will do their best to safely accommodate people. If this does arise the affected parents need to call the base number so safe passage can be organised for them. There may be a small delay to ensure the road is completely safe to travel.
Getting access to the school for pick up is dealt with on a case by case basis and needs to be organised prior to the day of the rally. This can be done by again calling the URG who will then work with the persons on how to meet the needs of the public and the rally.


All Day (Friday)