Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Thank you for choosing Te Waotu School and welcome to our school community!  We are a school that is proud of our place in the community and for all that has been achieved here over the years.  We are also excited by the opportunities that lay ahead!

Starting school is an exciting and important step in your child’s life – and your own!  At Te Waotu School we look forward to working with you and your child to make this important stage rewarding and positive.  Our staff are all great people and will go out of their way to make sure your child’s time here at Te Waotu School is one of learning and enjoyment.

Please find a range of information shared below to help make this transition into school as easy for everyone as possible.

We look forward to working alongside you over the coming years.


Ryves Hunt

Before school visits

  • Pre-school visits are recommended for all children starting school.
  • These visits are a great opportunity for you and your child to see what is going on in our new entrant classroom and to for your child to make some new friends before they officially start.
  • Your first step is to ring our school office to inform us of your enrolment:

    07 883 2815. It is best to do this several months before your child turns five.

  • You will need to fill out an enrolment form, supply a birth certificate and an immunisation record (if available).
  • Your child will visit our new entrant class three times before turning five.
  • The first two visits will be from 8.55am until 11.35am. Your child will be able to have morning tea with all the other children and play with them during morning tea time. We will say good bye when we come back in after play.
  • The third visit will be for the whole morning block. Your child will be able to stay and have lunch with the other children. We will say goodbye when lunch begins at 12.35pm. 
  • You (parent or caregiver) are required to stay for the duration of the visit. This is a legal requirement since the child has not yet started school.