The following is a list of your child’s stationery requirements for this year.  Please make any adjustments to this with a single line through any item not required.

This year we have set a goal of improving the standards of book work across the school and the books listed have been selected to help us achieve this. We would like all students within a room to have the same books and for this to happen it is our preference these books are purchased through the school. The school does not make any profit on the selling of stationery-all prices shown for stationery reflects our purchase price.

If your child already has a bucket hat or smart shirt these will not need to be purchased.

All families are asked to contribute to the yearly subscription for either Reading Eggs or Mathletics. The School contributes some money towards this for each student leaving about $20 for parents. These are worthwhile programmes to access from home and are a part of all classroom programmes so are an important investment.